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“I’ve just done this programme Injustice, and they watched episode one, which I’m not in,” he says.“And then I thought – I can’t let them watch any more because I’m taking off a girl’s clothes with my teeth.” All of which added to the delight when Daddy was offered a major role in Merlin. “And I was driving along and I said, ‘So what would be your favourite job I could get? They were so thrilled, because all their mates watch it.” Merlin’s popularity among female adolescents isn’t wholly surprising, given it focuses on courtly young knights battling it out through a series of soap-opera-light storylines, assisted by old hands like Richard Wilson, Anthony Head and John Hurt.The first season deftly explores the origins of the pillars of Arthurian mythos, from the sword Excalibur to a very dashing (but born of peasant stock) Lancelot to the mysterious birth of Arthur himself.

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Merlin (Colin Morgan, an impish lad with prominent ears) comes to the kingdom with high hopes and innate magical powers.Like Smallville did for Superman, Merlin is a new drama series that updates the story of the infamous sorcerer of Arthurian legend for a new audience.