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26-Jan-2018 12:56

By taking a step back, examining our own mirrored image, and determining what our interactions reveal, we can navigate toward creating greater intimacy and healthier relationships in our lives.Some of the benefits of online dating include: * bringing us a greater sense of confidence * enhancing our communication skills * reawakening our intense desire for intellectual intimacy * verifying the value of asking questions and getting to know each other deeply * reinstating a sense of romance into our hearts * emphasizing the value of being honest about who we are * clarifying what we want and what we don’t want in relationships * providing the ultimate safe sex * giving us a tremendous sense of abundance and choice The Internet has provided us with a great way to meet new people; however, meeting isn’t the only element necessary to create and maintain real-life relationships.Through applying what we learn, we have the ability to create a more honest, compassionate, risk-taking, confident society.

Virtual Foreplay: Making Your Online Relationship a Real-Life Success Hunter House Publishers is a guide to help you use the process of dating as a tool for self-discovery, and bring true love into your life, while meeting and mating on the World Wide Web.

Being connected, having a sense of belonging, is one of our core needs.