Chart organizational procedure updating

30-Jan-2018 16:28

By the time everyone has the updated chart, it’s outdated the second any position is added or changed.

The counter-effect of all of these required edits is it changes perceptions of the chart’s usefulness.

It’s this “getting to know one another” that really matters.

New hires get names thrown at them constantly and the org chart can be a great resource to find out who all those people actually are.

Not exactly the kind of data business leaders can depend on for making sound decisions.

Another issue with outdated tools are they have a difficult time adjusting to the more creative and progressive organizational structures of many of today’s companies.

Instead of the easily illustrated structures of product- and division-based companies, for instance, we are seeing more “flat” and “holacracy” structures that actually have very little structure to them at all.

These organizations have a cross-collaboration culture that encourages everyone to do what needs to be done, work in multiple teams and offer their talents wherever they can best be leveraged.The traditional org chart (or hierarchy chart) is the graphical representation of an organization’s structure.

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