Dating advice calling too much

11-Feb-2018 06:25

That man could have eventually turned out to be the worst thing that would have happened to you.

You have just dodged a huge bullet and that is a good thing.

If he won’t answer you or gives you a bulls**t response then the real question becomes should you even be entertaining this man anymore.

So, she texted him the party address and said she’d be there at . Just because he calls you once, it doesn’t mean you can put him on speed dial and ring him up every time you think of him.

The reality is sometimes we may never get that explanation and we should not dwell in trying to figure out within our own perception of things.

You chalk it up as their loss and for all you know, the fact that he stopped calling could be a blessing in disguise.

Sitting back in doubt, confusion, and misery isn’t going to produce anything positive.

Taking a positive and more direct approach will make things a lot clearer.**Have you ever felt like guys always overlook the good girls?Texting him the party address was not only unproductive, it made her appear desperate. The bottom line is if a guy doesn’t respond to you, do not contact him again.

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