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11-Feb-2018 15:32

Really that is gardener code for I planted too many varieties of beans (: 7 Bush Bean & 12 Pole Beans and 2 half runners all squashed into 2 13’x4′ beds. I had to plant the runners at the base of our cherry & plum trees because I ran out of room in the main veggie garden!

BUSH BEANS: BLACK VALENTINE – An heirloom variety dating back to 1897, snap green or dry black soup bean.

I got a small amount of seed before the frost killed the plant. It also doesn’t produce much seed for me (tried the last 3 years). I went back out a few days later & followed the vines up for enough to grow again.

Maybe lack of quantity will be made up for by sheer mass. An Italian flat green bean with reddish speckles and streaks. I really like the taste of this one, but it doesn’t stay tender very long in my garden. My 1st round of seed saving (the bulk of seed) I couldn’t tell it apart & they ended up mixed together. PURPLE PEACOCK & VIOLET POD – I know the picture doesn’t match the rest of the post.

RATTLESNAKE – A beautiful green bean with dark purple streaks.

I ate more of this & Carolina Greasy as garden treats than any other!

Almost everything is a plant again next year & I am sure that I will come up with a few more varieties that I have to try. Instead of a bean trial to narrow down the varieties, I will now do bean trials to see how many more garden beds to build.

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HIDASTA SHEILD FIGURE – A dry baking type from the Hidasta tribe of North Dakota. It also got a bit crowded out by its neighbour – Carolina Greasy pole. I think that I will have to give it a pass next year. Purple Queen was a bit earlier but Royal Burgundy produced a bit more. Sadly both of these amazing gardeners have passed away, so no info… Many Cherokee died of exposure along what was later named the Trail of Tears.

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