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30-Jan-2018 08:33

“Energy coming from the Sun can decrease the entropy of local systems on Earth”. However in order for the Sun to decrease the entropy of any system, there must already exist a living organism that makes use of the Sun’s energy, and convert it from total disorder into an orderly mechanism of life sustenance.

The author fails once again to be true to science, with his illustration, as energy that comes from the Sun is only constructive as long as it acts on already present process of synthesis of life, and or was or is intelligently and orderly directed by someone, not by chance.

And how is it that “teacher guidance” needed in order for us to understand the “analogy of chemical reactions”.

Thus, erroneously showing that the overall ΔStot entropy of the universe would, then greater than 0. Now, curiously we ask : Who “picked up”, who “put them”, who “gathered”, who “converted” the marbles and the steel into bridge? In this particular case it was The author of Open Stax’s physics textbook who put all those items into an orderly fashion and thus reduced the entropy of the system.Otherwise, he would not be writing this textbook, which for the most part makes some mathematical sense, nor would we be able to understand him or her.Additionally, this would negate itself the idea that we live in an orderly universe, because everything we would see in life and in the universe, would be a total chaotic act of randomness that does not make sense.Record concentrations and time in order to extract rate coefficients.

“Do temperature dependent studies to extract Arrhenius parameters.Information for this essay was taken from Open Stax Physics online book “Open Stax Online book on Physics for College Students” This is what the Physics author in Open Stax erroneously states (bear with me, it is a long example): “Some people misunderstand the second law of thermodynamics, stated in terms of entropy, to say that the process of the evolution of life violates this law.

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