Dating someone with paranoia

13-Feb-2018 15:36

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He can be very nice, and normal for a while (Besides suffering from the things drugs do to him) but then out of no where, he thinks everyone is out to get him, he's obsessing over aliens, and god, and thinks everyone is stealing from him and spying on him. A persons symptoms will go down if the person is happy and content (Maybe because he has a new girlfriend?) But as soon as things start not going that persons way, they will snap. (You also said that he had come from a rich broken family, so did my father and cousin, and being raised the wrong way can really make the symptoms worse.) I could be totally wrong, and his unusual behavior could be from something else.Look it up and see if your boyfriend has the symptoms. I'm trying to make it work but it's wearing me down.

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Even though I have a wide range of my own problems, I do make an effort to help him, support him, and show him that I care about what he is feeling. Even though it's quite rough on us sometimes, and our emotions become out of control, we have such a deep connection... And I really don't want to be responsible for ruining peoples lives by guilting them into staying in a relationship, but yeah. I know this is also a very late reply, but I wanted to get people's opinion on my boyfriend as well, because a lot of my observations are similar to those posted above.

I want to know if this is a serious problem that I shouldn't get involved with. My boyfriend can't stand it when I talk to other guys. When I say I'm going to France for the summer, he flips out saying that there is no way I'm going unless I take him.

I think he's a great person, but if anyone has been in a similar situation, PLEASE HELP ME! Even if they are just friends or guys I hardly know. I'm wondering if he has paranoid personality disorder.

such a deep love for one another that we always manage to talk through whatever issue has arose. My boyfriend comes from an extremely rich family but was essentially an orphan since his father was killed in a civil war when my boyfriend was 5 years old and his mother has mental problems.

He grew up in different countries with either his grandparents or uncle and aunt.

So should he be punished for the way he has become? I'm not saying you should feel obligated to stay with him and help, and put yourself through hell.

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