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These scenes follow earlier ones where he is a classy, free man in the upper states, mingling happily with the crowd and partaking in fanciful music sessions. A fine ensemble of established and up-and-coming actors surround Ejiofor in his limelight - Paul Dano, Paul Giammati, Alfre Woodard, Sarah Paulson, even Brad Pitt and Benedict Cumberbatch, but none so ferociously as Mc Queen regular Michael Fassbender as the despicable, sadistic plantation owner Edwin Epps.So excellent and terrifying is Fassbender's portrayal of such a merciless and barbaric person, that the mere sight of him will either cause audience members unfamiliar to him to flinch. A lesser film would have added tacked-on sentimentality/exaggeration and politically influenced claptrap. This is a movie to watch as a reminder of how powerful the human spirit can endeavor, and how lucky all of us have grown past that dreadful time in history.He spaces out in despair as the camera lingers onto him for solid minutes, not a word spoken.

This all works to create a nightmarish time and place where hell walks on Earth.The grace period can and should be relied upon only in the event of a mistake or accident.