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Dewey then is brought to the studio where he is interrupted while recording a rockabilly rendition of “That’s Amore”.The recording executive berates Dewey as talentless.After his brother’s death is announced by a physician making a housecall, Dewey’s mother sends him to the local store to buy some butter and a candle.There, he meets a blues guitarist, who lets Dewey play his guitar. In 1953, after a successful, yet oddly controversial, talent show performance, then 14-year-old Dewey decides to leave Springberry with his newly identified 12-year-old girlfriend, Edith.(In the director’s cut, Dewey remarries again, this time to Cheryl Tiegs).Nate appears again and tells Dewey that he needs to tell Pa that he loves him.Backed into a corner, Dewey makes the first recording of “Walk Hard”, the song inspired by a speech Dewey gave to Edith.Within 35 minutes, the song becomes a hit, and Dewey begins to get caught up in the fame of rock and roll.

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Dewey becomes obsessed with every aspect of the recording process and is consumed with creating his masterpiece entitled Black Sheep (an homage to Brian Wilson’s Smile).

The band does not appreciate his insane style of music and his continuous abuse of the others in the group.