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Intervention by God in the natural order during and after the catastrophe appears to be a logical necessity.Manifestations of the intervention appear to include an enhanced rate of nuclear decay during the event and a loss of thermal energy afterward. 9) This seems to be a deficiency of his model, the necessity for divine intervention. However, according to the Bible, the Lord does intervene in natural events. 3 -D Finite Element Simulation of the Global Tectonic changes accompanying Noah’s Flood.(Baumgardner, Numerical Simulation of the Large-Scale Tectonic Changes Accompanying the Flood, page 2) This explains how the continents can float on the mantle, while the Pacific crust can sink.Three papers will be discussed in order, some fairly briefly. Numerical Simulation of the Large-Scale Tectonic Changes Accompanying the Flood.When the Pacific basin cooled, it contracted, became less buoyant, and fell, and the water level decreased.Perhaps an increase in the decay rate heated the lithosphere, causing it to break up and permitting the oceans to start falling, or perhaps impacts by meteorites or asteroids initiated this subduction.The lithosphere is believed to consist of plates that move upon the asthenosphere.This falling of the Pacific lithosphere caused the mantle to heat up, which made it less viscous.

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Also, concerning the density of the crust of the earth, Baumgardner writes, The lithosphere represents the mantle’s cold upper thermal boundary layer.

He also discusses the cooling issue, the need to cool the earth from the rise in temperature that would result, and seems to admit that he has no solution for it.

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